"The GALLIARD" is a Mediterranean Turkish Fusion Restaurant and Lounge, which has started business on 23 December 2013, on Nispetiye Avenue in Etiler, Istanbul. All rights of the brand is reserved by our family company "Duman Ozel Sağlık Hizmetleri ve Turizm Tesisleri Ltd. Şti.

The GALLIARD is a Turkish brand named after the dance Galliard that got popular commonly in France, Spain and Italy during Renaissance period. Our brand has influences of these three Mediterranean countries food and drink cultures. In The GALLIARD, we mainly serve our signature Mediterranean Turkish fusion dishes as well as our interpretation of recipes from French, Spanish and Italian cuisines. Besides serving delicious treats, we place art and music in the center of our essentials as it had been done in Renaissance period. As soon as guests step in The GALLIARD, they are enchanted by the architecture focused on light colored massive woods, Mediterranean marbles, and Venetian terrazzo. The art pieces collected or designed specifically for each of our venues also make the guests sense our vision and creativity. In terms of music played, five days a week from Tuesday to Saturday either our house DJs or famous guest DJs will play jazz, soul, and deep house tracks to enhance our guests dining experience with quality music.

When guests visit The GALLIARD, they can be sure that they will enjoy our delicious meals with great quality. But of course, between all these delicious treats there are some items we specifically recommend for our guests to try. We highly encourage our guests to try the following items; lakerda, bone marrow, Champs-Élysées (60 cm beef sausage), stuffed chard, Octopus Gavurdağı, baked goose (Kars) half or whole, risotto served in parmesan wheel, bladed lamb pizzette, lamb ribs, John Dory Sauté, paella, lobster linguini. In The GALLIARD all pastas, pizzas, and breads are handmade. Besides, all our desserts are very famous both by their presentations and their tastes, we encourage our guests to give a try to our desserts before leaving The GALLIARD.

 The GALLIARD s breakfast is also another flavor feast. We believe our guests should make a fabulous start to their dav. To make sure they do we prepare the best Turkish breakfast with geographically marked products and handmade baked goods.

The GALLIARD is targeting to maximize dining experience by its wine list of nearly three hundred different items. Our wine menu has matured over time and we are continuously improving it to serve you the best selection. We know that a lounge cannot differentiate without a strong cocktail menu, so we are working with world class bartenders to present to you an experimental journey. Put a full stop after “mixology”. In The GALLIARD, we always focus on making guests feel at home. Serving the best products by the most skillful personnel is our most essential value. We believe in working with Open-minded team members to enhance our guests overall dining and entertainment experience.