A carefully selected cocktail of world trends, an extensive list of high-quality distilled liquors that guests mostly prefer, and a magnificent wine collection made with sommelier and award-winning wine consultants are waiting for you at the Galliard.

When guests visit The GALLIARD, they can be sure they will enjoy delicious food. Although we have a menu of different and unique tastes, we especially recommend you try some of our signatures: “Lakerda”, bone marrow, Champs-Élysées (60 cm beef sausage), stuffed chards, octopus “gavurdağ”, baked goose (Kars), risotto in parmesan wheel, bladed lamb pizzette, lamb ribs, sautéed John Dory, paella, lobster linguini. In The GALLIARD all pastas, pizzas and breads are handmade. All desserts, both with their presentations and their tastes constitute the most favorite part of our guests today. We invite you, our esteemed guests, to try our sweets before leaving The GALLIARD.




Roasted Goose (Kars)
The most famous flavor of Kars. After eating snow in Kars, salted and dried geese are reaching a special spot in our kitchen. The goose, which is slowly boiled for a long time, is then brought to the oven with the maple syrup. Here, the goose IS cooked till it gets the crisp in the skin and served with wild rice risotto and special sauce made from its own juice. Again a "Gourmet" flavor from The GALLIARD; you should try it.

Octopus Gavurdağ Salad
Turkish salad named after the mountain in the southeast part of the Taurus Mountains between Adana and Antep called Gavurdağ, is served in The Galliard with some influences from the Italian tomato salad with octopus. This delicious treat invites you to a journey back to Italy from Turkey over the Mediterranean Sea.

Bladed Lamb Pizzette (“Lahmacun”)
The highest quality lamb meat is bladed carefully and after meeting with the spices it is sprinkled over the freshly prepared dough. “Lahmacun” (a pizza with spicy bladed meat on top), which is one of the indispensable appetizers of the Turkish cuisine, prepared in the form of an Italian pizzetta and served with avocado and aragula paste.


Lobster Linguini
One of the indispensable flavors of Italy is pasta. The Galliard’s freshly prepared pasta dough is carefully cut and MET with one of the most special crustaceans of seafood. Lobster is turned with the pasta in its own juice and then comes to the table with a stylish presentation. It will visibly leave a mark on your taste buds and your memory.

Seafood Paella
Probably the most popular food from the Spanish coasts; Paella. With fresh seafood and original bomba rice, it is transformed into a wonderful flavor. There is no need to go to Spain for this special flavor, which is great for sharing with friends and family.

Champs Élysées – 60 cm Sausage
A sausage prepared in a completely master-handed manner, which is filled with beef grown in a natural environment. The beef is seasoned with special spices and pressed into sausage tube with 60 centimeters length. The presence of a satisfying portion also sets the item’s name; the street Champs Élysées that lies with all its glory in the middle of Paris. We serve this marvelous flavor with handmade wild radish and bitter mustard sauce. A feast not to be missed!

Prime Beefs / Lambs
Specially selected meat is supplied from Australia, United States and Turkey are prepared for you with the most special recipes. Famous lamb shank and lamb ribs peculiar to Turkey, soft veal chops, tenderloin, and juicy rib-eyes from Australia and America welcomes you with an extensive meat menu at The GALLIARD.

Sweet End 
We know that the most important part of your meal is dessert. In order to show you the sweetest moment before leaving The GALLIARD, we prepare recipes that we give extra importance both to their presentations and tastes. Spanish "Churros", "Italian Bombolonas", Turkish-French fusion "Sugar Burger", Italian Calzone "Half Moon" are some of these special flavors.