Mediterranean Vibes

You can encounter a Mediterranean breeze in every corner of The GALLIARD. The GALLIARD, which takes its name from the "GALLIARD" dance popular in France, Spain and Italy during the Renaissance, shows that it is the real Mediterranean place not only with the flavors of the numerous Mediterranean regions on its menu, but also with its architecture and ambiance.



The GALLIARD, offers its guests a warm and elegant atmosphere while maintaining a commitment to quality service and culinary excellence. The decoration includes the simplicity of marbles and woods fleshed-out the most peaceful tones of natural colors. Featuring carefully placed details such as a stone oven and a charcoal-fired grill in the front area of the open kitchen, The GALLIARD not only enhances the overall ambiance but also stands out as an extraordinary visual element, revealing the secrets behind many delightful flavors. The bar section, designed with a combination of solid and metal materials, constitutes the heart of The GALLIARD. With its renowned signature cocktails and a wine cellar housing over 200 different wines, it elevates the gastronomic experience to the highest level.



The GALLIARD consistently emphasizes its appreciation for art through various paintings and extraordinary sculptures. In The GALLIARD venues, you can explore works of art, including pieces by painter Haydar Ekinek and sculptor Zeynep Ko├žan, among others. This allows you to get insight into our philosophy that supports contemporary art and creative thinking.



Details such as amphorae, antique objects, and olive tree branches play a significant role in the decoration. These details also symbolize the Aegean region, from which we source the natural and local products used in our kitchen. The GALLIARD, giving importance to the entertainment concepts of its era, successfully reflects this significance in the architecture of the venue. Examples include the Funktion One brand music system, selfie spots, and lighting that provides proper illumination from different angles.

Positive Rhythms


The GALLIARD enhances the dining experience by playing jazz, soul, and deep house tunes with its own DJs or famous guest DJs, making the dining experience even more enjoyable in five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Gastronomic Experience