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One thing you need to know is that the information you provide from the exercise/training programs and/or guides on website cannot be more effective than the service that a doctor or healthcare professional can provide you. The Galliard recommends using these browsers with this site: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher, Safari 3.1 or higher, and Google Chrome 4.0 or higher Web Browser. Our recommended browser for the web service is: Explorer 8.0 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or higher.


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This privacy policy applies to this and other The Galliard international/web/mobile sites. However, the special terms and conditions of some sites may apply as mentioned. Privacy refers to the information The Galliard collects about you during its work with you. If you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not use this site.

Non-personal information
The Galliard may collect information about you that you do not disclose in many different ways: by looking at your IP address or your most recently entered URLs. This information is used to calculate the total number of visitors, average time spent on the site, pages viewed and other technical data. It also uses this to monitor site usage and improve the overall quality and online content experience. In addition to collecting this type of information, The Galliard also collects data about downloads from sites and conducts surveys for advertising efforts, including the demographics of site visitors. One thing you should know is that we may provide this information to well-known third parties, but the information we provide will not be information that identifies you personally.

Personal information
We may need to collect some personal information from you in order to provide you with some services through this site. We can both collect technical data and information about your personal The Galliard device, as well as explain usage patterns regarding its accessories and hardware. We may use this information for marketing and sales support purposes. This information may be used for software updates as well as for product support and other product-related services. Additionally, this information can be used for research and development activities. If you are against such use, you can stop such use at any time with a written request. Requests should be sent to Without your permission, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties other than The Galliard dealer in your country and for the purpose of fulfilling your personal requests.

TheGalliard will take every precaution to ensure that your personal information is kept confidential, not used for unnecessary reasons, and your personal information remains accurate.

Accuracy of information collected
The Galliard may, without consulting anyone, correct or delete any personal information that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. You can correct personal information about you that is inaccurate, incomplete or not new by accessing your The Galliard account page.

When you access this site, our server may add a file called "cookies" to your server disk. It gives us the opportunity to improve this site by showing us when and how people enter this site. Cookies cannot be implemented as a code or used to detect a virus, and you cannot collect or save personal information from it. If you would like to receive these cookies or be informed about when they are installed, you can set your browser to perform these functions if your browser is suitable for these functions.

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