The GALLIARD invites its valued guests on a gastronomic journey to discover the essence and vitality of each day. With thoughtfully crafted flavors featuring unique textures and bold inspirations, the restaurant reflects its art directly onto vibrant plates, touching the palate with colorful experiences inspired by direct contact with the earth.
Following global trends and enhanced with original touches, the cocktails, a comprehensive list of highly preferred premium distilled liqueurs, and an exquisite wine collection curated by award-winning sommeliers await you at The GALLIARD.

Beyond the sense of taste, The GALLIARD prioritizes appealing to the soul and eye, providing an opportunity to experience various disciplines such as art, design, and music. The restaurant aims to host a different experience for guests with each visit. Our skilled chefs, dedicated to delivering the finest flavors, recommend trying some specific dishes, such as The Kings Plate (Ribeye), Parmesan Wheel Risotto, Manzo e Fettuccine, Tantuni, "Meunière" Sauce Sea Bass Fillet, Red Cross, and for desserts, the favorite of the 2021 summer season, Kapitülasyon, reflecting the Bodrum concept at The GALLIARD Cove House!


One of the undeniable signature flavours of The GALLIARD, interpreting the modernized Turkish Fusion cuisine with the refreshing breeze of the Mediterranean, is unquestionably the special Risotto cooked in a parmesan wheel! The GALLIARD elevates your appetite by presenting this Risotto with a unique presentation technique, turning it into a visual feast in the eyes of its esteemed guests. Cooked inside a parmesan wheel with porcini mushrooms, white wine, and truffle oil, this flavour is a must-try experience.


Embarking on the dream of a restaurant where a product is presented in its most beautiful form with the best interpretation, The GALLIARD introduces its ribeye steak to guests with a unique twist. Cooking the most delicious part of the beef, extending from the chest vertebrae to the back, on a buttery cast iron plate over a charcoal fire, The GALLIARD creates an unparalleled flavour. Combined with crispy onions, pepper pickles, and colourful sautéed peppers, this dish will appeal to both your palate and your eyes.


Fettuccine, heavily used in Roman and Tuscan cuisine, is transformed into a unique dish at The GALLIARD kitchen with charcoal-grilled slices of beef fillet. Italian garnishes complement this flavour perfectly, and when accompanied by garlic-sautéed crispy herb bread crumbs, mushroom and spinach "demi-glace" sauce, it creates an exquisite experience that you won't be able to resist.


The GALLIARD guests' favorite, the Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle, is appetizing with its aroma. Wild mushrooms, enhanced by garlic, butter, and fresh herbs, become the irresistible choice of mushroom lovers when combined with truffle-infused "mascarpone" foam.


Tantuni, the main flavor destination of our city Mersin, has become one of the most preferred tastes at The GALLIARD. The pounding of the beef tenderloin, adorned with lamb tail fat, in front of the guests with small swords, provides a sense of Yoruk culture at The GALLIARD due to its presentation technique. Components such as red Mexican peppers, arugula with mustard and lemon sauce make this delicious experience unique.


Meunière sauce, one of the basic fish sauces of the French, containing lemon, dill, parsley, capers, and olive oil. Simple but satisfying, this sauce achieves a delightful harmony with charcoal-grilled sea bass in The GALLIARD kitchen. This meal, which brings a smile to the face of seafood lovers, is served with salt-baked tender potatoes, chive, and cream sauce with fresh herbs, turning the night into an unforgettable memory.


The colorful and delicious bowls have proven their permanence in our lives over time within the changing nutrition trends. Bowl flavors, with their eye-catching appearance and rich nutritional components, vitamins, and minerals, have successfully adapted to our dietary routines. Red Cross, promising an intensely nutritious flavor with forest berries yogurt, chia seeds, raw pumpkin seeds, strawberries, dried goji berries, and sliced almonds, can be the beginning of a healthy habit.


Start your day with a healthy and convenient option prepared for you with organic eggs from the farm, smoked Norwegian salmon, buttery croissant, and sautéed potatoes with fresh herbs.


One of the best choices for those who love different flavors is the Roquefort Burger. In a handmade soft bun, smoked beef, relish sauce, Roquefort sauce, spicy french fries, and red wine-infused onion marmalade will leave unique flavors on your palate.


This salad, where spicy and sweet come together, offers you a healthy and satisfying meal. Grilled chives, lettuce, pineapple, spicy shrimp, roasted peppers, corn, Bergama tulum cheese, bread crisps, 'mayo sofrito' sauce, and balsamic vinegar caviar, compiled with the special presentations of the chefs, take their place on the plates as the refreshing taste of summer.


The GALLIARD Cove House, the Bodrum branch of The GALLIARD, made a mark on its first summer season with Kapitülasyon, becoming the indispensable choice for all guests. Receiving comments like 'the best version of kazandibi pudding,' this product is served with walnut ice cream. We can say that this dish, accompanied by puff pastry pieces, grilled pineapple slices, and milk caramel, is a complete flavor feast. Although it may sound like a summer dessert, after eating the exquisite flavors at The GALLIARD, this light dessert will offer you an incredibly enjoyable experience!